Promises to keep and miles

But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep

Το είπε...: Robert Frost

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25 Miles

Twenty-five miles from home, girl
My feet are hurtin mighty bad
Now Ive been walkin for three days
And two lonely nights
You know that Im mighty bad
But I got a girl waitin for me
Thats gonna make this trip worthwhile
You see, shes got the kind
Of lovin and kissin
Make a boy go stone wild

I got to keep on walkin
Oh I got to walk on
Let me tell you, yall
Im so tired
But I just cant lose my stride

I got fifteen miles to go now
And I can hear my baby callin my name
Its as if, as though
Im standin at her front door
And I can hear that doggone thing

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Το είπε...: Michael Jackson

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