computer quotes

computer quotes

Software and Cathedral

Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then
we pray

Το είπε...: Samuel T. Redwine Jr.

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Windows 7

Windows 7: Please ignore all that stuff we’ve been doing for the past decade
Windows 7: We heard it’s a lucky number
Windows 7: Like Windows 6 — wait, there was no Windows 6
Windows 7: Correct iterations be damned!
Windows 7: Experience crashes and bad architecture under a classic name
Windows 7: The franchise gets a reboot
Windows 7: DOS 12.1182
Windows 7: If it looks like Vista, and smells like Vista…
Windows 7: Still not buying it
Windows 7: If that’s the price, it might be worth it
Windows 7: Give that marketer a promotion

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Το είπε...: unknown

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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

Το είπε...: John Johnson

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Just don't

Never let a computer know you're in a hurry.

Το είπε...: unknown

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Programming is like sex: one mistake and you're providing support for a lifetime.

Το είπε...: Michael Sinz

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Grove giveth, and Gates taketh away

Software is slowing faster than hardware is accelerating.

Το είπε...: Martin Reiser

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There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Το είπε...: unknown

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If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it's done

Το είπε...: Scott Adams

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The computer allows you to make mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exception of handguns and tequila.

Το είπε...: Mitch Ratcliffe

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what about wrong figures?

On two occasions I have been asked [by members of parliament!], "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" I am not rightly able to apprehend the kind of confusion that could provoke such a question.

Το είπε...: Charles Babbage

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